Facebook Campaigns That Get Customers In The Door

Fun fact: I keep a Pinterest board of clothes that I dream of having in my closet but know I don’t have money in my budget to buy. LOL. But last week, after taking a look through my board for a few minutes, I had an attack of instant gratification, and decided I needed one particular sweater that had been on my board for about a month. When I clicked on the sweater to go the website, it was on sale! So you know I bought it. I mean, the deal was too good to pass up.

Now, would you agree that it’s easy to buy a $30 sweater online without even knowing if it will fit you just right? At the end of the day, if it arrives and you don’t like it, you can easily send it back. And even if you lost your $30 in the process, it probably wouldn’t be a major concern.

And while you and I and many other people around the world are making more purchases online, sight unseen, with many different types of businesses, the apartments industry is one that still relies heavily on in-store traffic in order to make sales.

An apartment is a long-term commitment, a pricey investment, and with many management companies, you can’t just return your apartment if you don’t like it, without a pretty heavy financial penalty. So it’s no surprise that we still get a lot of foot traffic from people who like to touch and feel their future home, and it’s no surprise that we still measure it.

One of my favorite advertising tools to use these days is Facebook. I love Facebook because it allows precise targeting – more precise than most platforms – and, because it’s a social media site, you can interact with customers.

Facebook offers more than 10 different advertising campaigns to help businesses to reach customers. Most of the time, I use their website clicks campaign. I think it’s the simplest way to increase awareness about your business, get people on your website, and get people talking. Videos are especially engaging. But there are two campaigns that Facebook offers that I should probably use more because I believe they can help get more foot traffic in the door. These campaigns are listed as “reach people near your business” and “raise attendance at your event.”

Reach people near your business
This campaign allows you to promote your business to people who are located within a certain radius of your location. This provides a great opportunity to catch that drive by traffic. If you’re in student housing like me, this campaign is a no-brainer because you know the exact time frame when students are searching so you can time your ad just right and get a few students in the door with a great incentive. For conventional apartments, using this campaign may be a little trickier. Just because people are in your area doesn’t mean they are in need of an apartment. However, with a great “doorbuster” offer, you can probably still get a few people in the door.

Raise attendance at your event
This campaign allows you to promote an event to Facebook users. I think I love this option even more than the first one. Our communities have events all of the time! Why not use Facebook to promote it and spread the word to your surrounding neighborhood? I’ve been going to some pretty great Facebook events lately – a fitness class, a spoken word session, live music – and some of them have had RSVPs of 100 or more.

There is a third campaign that can help with traffic called “get people to your stores” but I’ve never used it. It’s designed to help increase traffic to businesses that have multiple locations, such as a fast food chain. I’m not sure that it would work well for most apartment communities unless you are a company that brands your communities under one name and you have multiple locations in one city. If I learn anything else about this campaign, I will update the blog.

If you’re new to Facebook advertising and you’d like to try out your first campaign today, head over to ads.facebook.com to get started. If you’re a Facebook advertising pro, I’d love to hear how you use Facebook to get more customers in the door!

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