Desperate for traffic? Try this.

  1. Clean out your CRM!

    One of my personal peeves is when a property says they have no traffic or leads, but they have tons of leads sitting in their leasing dashboard. Whether you use PopCard, Lead2Lease or another CRM tool, get in there and follow up on each of your leads.

  2. And if you don’t use a CRM tool…

    Call each of the companies you advertise with and ask them to email you a spreadsheet of leads you received over the past 30-60 days. Most advertisers provide a lead dashboard, so all you have to do is login and export your reports. Go through your list, filter our current residents and follow up with the rest!

  3. Advertise to your prospect list.

    You can do this one of two ways:

    A. Take your list of prospect phone numbers and emails, load them into Facebook using the custom audience tool, and target them with an ad. Make sure your ad includes an easy call-to-action to help that prospect either get back in touch with you or start the application process online.

    B. Target them with emails. You might want to include information about availability and specials. For prospects older than 30 days, you might consider sending a quick “Are you still looking?” survey email to narrow your list to those people who might still consider moving to your community.

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