4 Ideas to Try to Amp Up Your Next Sales Tour!

  1. Sell the experience, not the evident.
    Instead of telling the prospect what they’re looking at, “This is the kitchen” for example, explain how it helps elevate their living experience. The energy efficient stove and appliances will help keep their culinary cred high while keeping their utility bill low. The cabinets allow plenty of storage for staple foods like rice and beans, dog food (hint, we’re pet-friendly), and even pots and pans – including that giant Crockpot! Help them envision what it will be like to live there. I guarantee you this will help you stand out because most leasing consultants out there are still saying, “This is the master bedroom and over here we have your bathroom…”
  2. Let the prospect record the experience and share it!
    Encourage the prospect to take photos or video of the apartment and immediately text it to their friends and family! If someone responds with a, “Niiice!”, that might increase your chances of getting the sale. This also provides a soft introduction of your community to their network.
  3. Give the prospect private time.
    After walking the prospect through the model, let them know that you’ll step outside to give them a few moments to explore on their own. The tour should not be rushed. You want that prospect to breathe it in and imagine it being theirs, creating a mental note that they can refer to later.
  4. Openly compare competitors during the tour.
    Alright this one is a little risky. You ready? Mention your competitors while on the tour. Yes! Your prospect is most likely looking at other communities anyway! The key here is to find out beforehand which other communities they are considering. Hopefully, you’re an expert in your market and you know your competitors like the back of your hand. So say, for example, you’re in the master bedroom with the prospect and you’re explaining to them all of the benefits of this particular room. After selling the room, casually mention the competitor they’re interested in and how their master bedroom is laid out, lay out the pros and cons, and then end with why you believe your master is the better deal. In my opinion, the prospect will appreciate your transparency and honesty. I think this is also a great way to build trust.

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