3 Tools That Save My Marketing Life On A Daily Basis

  1. First up is Basecamp! Yes! If you are not using Basecamp, you are seriously missing out on being the most organized person you can be. Basecamp keeps all of my to-do lists in one place. I can set due dates on each task and Basecamp will send a reminder email when it’s due. I put e-ver-y-thing in Basecamp, sorta like this:
    • Setup Facebook campaign.
    • (2 weeks later) Check in on campaign to see how it’s running.
    • (2 weeks after that) Review campaign performance; send to team; update ad photos.
    • (30 days after that) Review campaign performance; send to team.
      Is it necessary to list out individual tasks like this? Well, it’s very helpful with long term campaigns. Outside of that, probably not, haha. But, thanks to Basecamp, I rarely miss a beat!
  2. Second, Facebook Business Manager! Oh my goodness. If you manage Facebook pages and ads yet you are not using the Business Manager, you are behind, my dear! Facebook Business Manager holds all of your Facebook pages and ad accounts in one place! The Business Manager also allows you to give your team members access to various accounts. It’s literally the best tool for Facebook since Facebook.
  3. And finally, Twitter’s “edit access to account” feature. There is no official name for this tool but what it allows you to do is add yourself to multiple ad accounts. Gone are the days when you have to log in and out of different Twitter accounts to access your ads. Once you give yourself access to all of your work accounts, you’ll be able to access them all through your personal Twitter account. One login. Oh yeah.To edit access to your Twitter ad accounts, log in to Twitter, then go to ads.twitter.com. Select the client’s name in the top right bar and a menu will drop down. Select “edit access to account” from that menu. Voila.


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