The Best Way to Respond to Social Media Comments? Have Fun.

Disclaimer: this does not apply to customer reviews.

A few months ago, I was responsible for managing social media for a cottage student housing community in Blacksburg, VA. We ran a Facebook ad using this video and the response was crazy. I’m talking hundreds of thousands of views crazy! So I thought I’d share a few comments that make me LOL every time I read them. Enjoy!

Names have been censored because I don’t want to risk any privacy issues.





mutualfeelingsThis person is mad that her friends get to live at this cool place.

hatersgonnahateI think this person was reacting to the price, but since they weren’t direct, I just went along with it.

giveusyourmoneyfrontingI believe this person had a legitimate concern but seriously what are we going to do about the mountains?theviewpalmtrees

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