Some video inspiration for you today!

This video was produced by an orthodontist here in Memphis. I recently visited their office, and I was so blown away by their marketing tactics! On the day of my appointment, when I approached the door of the office, there was a sign with my name on it that said, ‘Welcome Jasmine.’ That made me smile! Then when I walked in to check in, there was an iPad on the front desk that listed three names in little buttons, kind of like on the Delta Airlines app. One of the names read BRO/J – that was me! – and I checked in just like I would for a flight.

After completing some paperwork, the front desk attendant gave me a tour of their office, and even informed me about a contest that they host for their patients to win cool prizes! To top it all off, the office was clean, well-lit and organized, and the doctor himself was super nice. My experience was a win all around. I want to get braces just to visit this office again! 🙂

Consider a prospect’s experience when they visit your leasing office and tour your community. Are they having positive experiences at each of your touch points? Would their experience make them want to lease from you over your competitors? Does each element of your marketing mix deliver a consistent message, one that says “You can trust us and we’ll take care of you if you buy from us”? It’s something to think about!

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