7 Marketing Takeaways from Super Bowl 50

Placement and timing matters. What better time and place for Beyonce to announce her upcoming tour than right after her halftime performance?

It’s okay to use humor as Doritos did in this hilarious ad.

Incentives encourage people to tune in, so don’t be afraid to leverage them. I am personally not a football fan, but I still tuned in to see Lady Gaga (and Beyonce and Bruno Mars and Coldplay). 🙂

Incorporating pop culture into your brand can help you stay relevant. Buick has been very aggressive with advertising for the past few years. The mention of a famous football player and his even-more-famous catch can definitely get people talking.

You can also stay relevant by keeping up with current events, or making light of one like this T-Mobile commercial featuring Steve Harvey.

Cross-promotional partnerships can be very efficient. They can help you reach a new audience, build credibility, and save money.

And finally, accentuating your best features is always a good idea, especially when there may be misconceptions about your brand. Who knew a Prius could survive a high-speed chase?

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